Fashion and widesilver bracelets are together with my spendid sortiment of Liquid silver the products I most of all want to market. It’s the reason why you find so many exclusive bracelets and especially exclusive jewellery of Liquid silver here. All are hand-crafted in sterling silver 925.

You can find these unique jewellery ‘Liquid silver’ in the menu. At this picture is an elegant silver bracelet with 30 strands, the biggest one has 100 strands. Then you will also ‘stumble over’ our sortiment of splendid exclusive necklaces in Liquid silver. But it can be a good idea to look at all pages with fashionable bracelets first. Or what do you think?

I guarantee the silver content via SWEDAC from the ‘Swedish National Testing and Research Institute’, that has done tests on my purchases. For jewellery known as 925, the samples show 95–96 % ± 2-units content of silver.