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Debbies Silver Jewelry - Sweden

In Visby, with the latest fashion of quality jewelry.

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 produced in Mexico
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A warm welcome to my InterNet site. My name is Rebeca Gajardo and started Debbies Silver Jewelry 4 years after we moved from Chile to Sweden and the small town of Visby.
Nowadays I prosecute the company as a family project, where I take care of selling and marketing, and my husband handles our home pages with texts/photos in Sweden and Germany and maintenance. Both children, one daughter and one son, are currently studying at the university in Linköping, Malmö and Lund.
We are making all our purchasing in Mexico, the biggest producer of silver in the world, where we have many personal contacts


Welcome to!

Debbie's Silver Jewelry (Debbies Silver Jewelry)
Tjelvarvägen 18
62142 Visby, Sweden
Phone: +46-498-290111

With the latest fashion of silver jewelry like bracelets, necklaces and pendants directly from Mexico, without going via several intermediaries.

Author: Rebeca Gajardo

My mission is to be your reliable and dependable online jeweler. I will make my best to give you good customer service. You can always count on Debbies Silver Jewelry. I want you to e-mail me. Tell me your opinion about my collection, it will give me inspiration to be even better.

Visby Silvergrotta

   After several years and many sites behind the keyboard, maybe it's time to tell you who I am. As a webmaster I'm trying to support Rebeca with the shop concerning home pages.
 I'm borned on Gotland and after some years I left Klintehamn and moved to Visby, Sweden, and my son is now living 'on the main land'.

I have worked for many years as a sometimes stressed economy controller in a big company, but because of Tremor I now get disablement pension :-(. Besides music in various forms, I work with construction and optimization (SEO) of InterNet sites, photography, and now also work with an allotment along with Rebeca.

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