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silverYour silver bracelet will be heavier with many precious stones and charms connected to it. In addition to a bracelet that has many charms, it sometimes can be a burden. Before you buy, your decision should be a thought-out decision. Sometimes it is better to choose few accessories. It is one of the reasons why Debbies Silver has chosen to sell mostly plain bracelets, both wide and narrow. The bracelets have a modern design that will satisfy any woman.
 When the jewelry has a flat surface, they do not get stuck in your clothes. Many of our costumers think that they are comfortable to wear. The look of your narrow wrist can sometimes be destroyed by too many details in the bracelet.

 A romantic gift for your sweetheart tells the story of your relationship. A gift will definitely get your loved one to appreciate you even more. The bracelet is the perfect way to celebrate special moments. Our silver bracelets with their high quality, glitters to your friends' delight.


  Cleaning the silver


clean silver oxidation The tip: An unusual and environmentally friendly way to clean silver, is to boil water in a pot. Add plenty of salt. If the jewelry has stones or pearls, it is important to warm these up together with the water.
And now to the exciting moment: Add pieces of aluminum paper to the boiling water, and soon you can see that the oxidation moves from the jewelry to the aluminum pieces that turn brown. It acts like a battery. Stir occasionally with a wooden spoon or similar tool. After you have let it boil a few minutes, gradually pour in cooler water in the pot, so that any stones not will be destroyed. Then you can polish your jewelry with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. Dry your jewelry with a towel. This method is excellent when it is difficult to access everywhere, such as thin chains, but it also works fine with larger jewelry.


Conventional method: Both silver and gold jewelry are easily cleaned with soap if you do it regularly. Sometimes you have to use a toothbrush or other soft brush to access all the small parts. If the jewelry still is slightly dark after being washed, you have to use some kind of antioxidants e.g. silver polish. When the jewelry is clean, it may be in need of a little polishing. Here you can use any kind of soft polish: some old-fashioned silver polish, toothpaste or polish for your car. Rub the jewelry, and it will be shiny again.


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