Liquid silver necklaces
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 SL0018  690:−  5 strands
Liquid Silver necklace,  40−50cm 
Necklaces in silver − Sterling silver 925

 SL0056  3.790:−  50 strands
Liquid Silver necklace,  50cm  −  925 
liquid silver
Necklaces in silver − Sterling silver 925

 SL0011  6.990:−  100 strands
Liquid Silver necklace,  40−50cm  −  925 
Necklaces in silver − Sterling silver 925

 SL0012  2.990:−  30 strands
Liquid Silver necklace,  42−60cm  −  925 
Necklaces in silver − Sterling silver

 SL0013  3.490:−  30 strands
Liquid Silver necklace,  70cm  −  925 
Necklaces in silver − Sterling silver 925

 SL0029  490:−  5 strands
Attractive earrings for women in Liquid silver 
liquid silver
Earrings in silver − Sterling silver

 SL0030  490:−  10 strands
Attractive earrings for women in Liquid silver 
Earrings in silver − Sterling silver

 SL0061  3.490:−  40 strands
Liquid silver necklace   40−66cm 
attractive necklace
Glittering jewellery − Sterling silver 925

Liquid silver necklaces and bracelets

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Liquid silver

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 We are proud to present Liquid Silver Jewellery, in English also called 'waterfall'. Yes, the necklaces, the bracelets and the earrings in Sterling silver are really glittering. Your friends will be impressed by your choice.
 Liquid Silver consists of tiny, tiny tubes of silver 925, and ends on each side with a cone. Even if it comes up to 100 strands, these jewellery are durable. We are also proud that you have the option to buy necklaces with different lengths in the same necklace, which is rare in Europe.

 You must be careful from whom you are buying these silver jewellery. Our jewellery are made by Zuni Indians in Mexico's mountains and have the correct weight. We buy the Liquid silver jewellery at place and get new models.
 There are also production in parts of the south-western US (machine-made and stringed by Novajo Indians), but the tubes are thinner and with less weight. The price will be lower, but the jewellery isn't glittering in the same way as the Mexican Liquid silver jewellery.

Author: Göran Smitterlau

All prices are in Swedish crowns (kronor).


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The invoice will come in Euro.

I guarantee the silver content via SWEDAC from the 'Swedish National Testing and Research Institute', that has done tests on my purchases. For jewellery known as 925, the samples show 95%-96% ± 2-units content of silver.


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