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All invoices in Euro with the latest rate.

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Order form
  • Start with the article number, e.g. SA0316, and then a short describtion.
    If you order a ring, please give us the size in diameter here (mm).
  • Earrings 1=1 pair
  • If you want, you can fill in the total amount in SEK for all products (no delivery
    costs). Countries outside EU will be charged without VAT.
  • A registrered letter will give you an extra delivery cost. Read 'Buying conditions'. Free delivery costs
    over a specified amount, but if you want a registrered letter, it will be added in the invoice.
    90 SEK outside Sweden, 80 SEK inside Sweden
  • Check your in-box within 24-48 hours so the order confirmation with the article(s) and
    the amount in SEK are correct. Give us a call or e-mail immediatly if something is wrong.
    We will send you an invoice after these hours.
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