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Debbie's Silver Jewellery

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Debbie's Silver Jewellery

Choose between different varieties of jewellery. From necklaces, pendants to bracelets, everything for your personal style.
All my jewellery are made in Sterling silver, the best quality that the market can offer. I have designed many of our products, and to assure the best quality and your security, I only use silver that are 100% nickel free.
I have beautiful Sterling silver jewellery for all occasions! Choose between necklaces, pendants, bracelets as well as sets in Liquid Silver

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Debbie's Silver Jewellery

Källunge Aumunds 3, 62179 Visby, Sweden
Phone: +46-739-577248,   10:00-18:00 all days

Amongst all necklaces handmade necklaces are the best. The store specialty are big silver jewellery.... especially the necklaces or bracelets in liquid silver (925).

 Liquid Silber

sterling silber

Liquid Silber Fließendes Silber

My mission is to be your reliable and dependable on-line jeweller. I will make my best to offer you good customer service.  You can always count on Debbie's Silver. I wish you to e-mail me. Tell me your opinion about my collection, it gives me inspiration to be even better.


I love the handmade jewellery I'm selling. Many of the necklaces, pendants and bracelets are designed by me and handmade in Mexico. Debbie's Silver never sells silver lower than 925/1000(stamp).

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Important: I only sell Sterling silver jewellery 925 from Mexico. Avoid jewellery marked C925.

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