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 To exchange links (reciprocal) with other companies is a good way to get good relations between companies, even with a company in the same branch. But of course, both companies must give and take from each other. The best reason to exchange links, is that it drives traffic to your site. Maybe you sell clothes and want to recommand another site that sells nice jewellery. Why not doing it on your own company´s site so the visitors really can see it? Some sites are hiding their connections to other sites, a way to exploit an aggrement in a bad way. Other sites, like ours, are willing to give all visitors the chans to continue their seach for nice accessories.
 You are always welcome to join me under given circumstances.

The rules for being accepted for a reciprocal link discussion:

  • You must have a site that corresponds to our products.
  • Your link pages must be seen from the index page.
  • My link must be no more than 2 clicks away from your main page.
  • Your site must not contain any links to sex or political sites.
  • Your index page and link pages must be indexed in Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Your link page where Debbies Silver Jewellery can be found must have at least PR1.
  • I accept no link farms.
  • I accept no sites with "nofollow".
  • I accept no sites with bounderies in robots.txt.
  • I accept no sites with frames at the link pages.
  • I accept no sites with link systems.
  • I accept no sites with scripts to the link pages.
  • I accept no sites with question marks ("?") to the link page(s) without "do-follow".

The above rules are hard, but Debbies Silver will give you the same offer back to your site. I'm choosing the positive way. The winners are our costumers.

Please, send us the URL of your company's index and the linking page. After checking your pages I will contact you. Sites that remove my link after the check, will be deleted.

Most sites are using link pages that are worthless for getting higher Page Rank because of Google´s new rules, but they will not get it. But of cource, you are always welcome to link to my site, even if you can´t follow the rules for exchanging links.

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