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  Have you thought about how Debbies Silver Jewellery uses RSS-Feeds, or like they somtimes are called 'RSS' or 'Feeds'? And how does it work? In social networks it's usually used like a form of storing messages that will be sent between different servers and out in the 'information world'.

  You can get the current informations, without being persecuted by a lot of e-mails, and you can read the information whenever you want. Maybe you only want to read the latest news, or why not look at former stored material. In a RSS-Feed you can categorize the messages in different issues. And it goes fast to get the new information. I almost use to think 'it's already in the computor....' ;-)

  How is RSS-Feeds available for me? And is it for free?
We start with question number two. Yes, it's a kind of non-cost prenumeration that you can end at any time (immediatly)! All you have to do is to press 'Delete' under the tab 'Feeds'. You can at anytime start a new prenumerationen again.
Beside the tab 'Favorites' in you webreader (e.g. InterNet Explorer) is a tab called 'Feeds'. It's the place where you can find your chosen "favorite feeds". But of cource, you have to start prenumerate. And you do it with a single button pressing. You will get the question when you have pressed the orange button as you probably have seen on some sites.

The button looks like this:     RSS feeds

  How Debbies Silver Jewellery has chosen to use the technic with RSS:
For the moment I am using one feed list. In the feed are photos and some short texts about our jewellery. Our rings are excluded. All other jewellery are categorized to make them easy to find in the list. All photos and texts are connected to the right pages at Debbies Silver. So, it's only to hit the photo. Voil√°... As you will see the RSS feed is in English, but I have chosen to connect the photos with the Swedish pages. There you change to the English language again. When I get new products in stock, you will find them immediatly, and what the prices are.

Please consider the environment before printing any pages at Debbies Silver Jewellery.

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