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Liquid silver necklaces and bracelets

Debbie's Silver Jewellery

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 Liquid silver jewellery are amongst the finest on the fashion market. You can ware the amazing and adorable jewellery at any party or at other occations together jeans.

 It doesn't matter how young or old you are, our customers love them. You can buy the necklaces and bracelets from 5 strands up to 100 strands.
The necklaces are very nice to combine with the earrings on this page, and a bracelet or bangle you love most of all. Or why not a liquid silver bracelet in the same style?


earrings Liquid silver jewellery are often called 'waterfall', because the multi-strand necklaces and bracelets give them a very soft look of cascading water. The peaces are glittering in all directions. The cones are very safe even if you have 100 strands in your necklace. Small tubes, and in this case also some balls of sterling silver, are strung together.

liquid silver

Beautiful, isn't it? This necklace with 50 strands comes from craftsmen in the mountains of Mexico. The largest of my liquid silver necklaces has 100 strands.

100 strands

..... there are no more words to tell.

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