Orders within Sweden

When you have placed your order, I will send you an order acknowledgement to the e-mail address you have stated. I will start working with you order within 3 working days. Be careful to write the correct address. The product will be delivered via the post-office (Posten – Sweden) with recommended letter or packet.

Debbies Silver is responsible if the product disappears during shipping to the customer; the customer is responsible if the product disappears during shipping to Debbies Silver Jewellery.

Shipping fee: Orders less than 800 SEK within Sweden will be charged a shipping fee of 24 SEK. For orders more than 800 SEK nothing is added.

 Orders within Europe

I gladly send our products within Europe according to your wishes. Below 800 SEK I will add ordinary shipping fee within Europe.
All prices are including VAT.

 Payment conditions:
Post-office advances: Is added at a charge of 50 SEK. Post-office advances are binding, not retrieved packets are handled via debt collection firms and will be charged with 200 SEK.
Advance payment: You can pay directly to my company’s bank account via transfer if you have an account in Swedbank. You can handle it via the Internet, no charges are added. Other banks have there own conditions, your own bank will help you with this.
Send me a message when you’ve made your payment, and I will send you the product to the address you have stated.

                                          Bank account:   5404-9689                         (within Sweden)
                                          IBAN:        SE5680000848069035891119    (outside Sweden)
                                          Bank code IBAN:   SWEDSESS                    (outside Sweden)

Return policy: I have no return policy. However, you can change the jewellery to the corresponding fee paid for billing. It is only possible to return the product if it is broken, see the following section on right of return.

Return correct: Send the unused product to me within 14 days from that day you got the product along with receipts. As costumer, you pay for the return shipment. Repayment concerns only the product, I do not pay back shipping fees that you have paid for. If the product had a cost of more than 800 SEK, I will decrease the shipping fee that I have paid.
The product must be safely packed in the same way that you got it, I do not pay back for a damaged return product. I do not repay any product if the seal’s broken.

Right to exchange goods if not satisfied:If you want to change the product because of discrepancy in some way, you must contact me before you send the packet. You can do it via e-mail or phone. I will pay for transportations if complaints are validated. You have cancellation rights for rings so that you get the right size. You pay shipping, however.

Presents: If you want to buy a product and send it to another recipient, you can fill in the delivery address where you want it to be sent. Submit a message to me, and I will make a nice packet.

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