I offer exquisite silver jewellery, designed for customers with high demands.

All silver jewellery are produced in guaranteed Sterling silver(925) from Mexico, handcrafted by the most skilled silver craftsmen that almost give life to jewellery.

Big assortments, all in sterling silver, of fashionable silver necklaces, silver bracelets, silver pendants, neck rings and rings, manufactured in best quality silver of my demands and design.

I believe in the future, and therefore I’m marketing my products at the Internet.

Here is an example of all bracelets in the shop. I must admit that silver bracelets together with liquid silvernecklaces dominate my shop.

In ancient times, bracelets were open at both ends and wound around the wrist or upper arm. The tips were adorned with feathers or round ornaments.

Today the modern design is much more simpler. What will happen in the forthcoming years? Debbies Silver Jewellery preferes the clean design without charms that sometimes can be a burden.