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silver necklaces

Silver necklaces - Silver bracelets

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silver necklaces

One of many popular necklaces
Here's a picture showing a necklace and
earrings in Liquid silver 925.

silver bracelets We offer exquisite silver jewelry, designed for customers with high demands.

liquid silver All silver jewelry are produced in guaranteed Sterling silver (925) from Mexico, handcrafted by silver craftsmen that almost give life to jewelry.

liquid silver necklaces Big assortments, all in sterling silver, of fashionable silver necklaces, silver bracelets, silver pendants, neck rings and rings, manufactured in best quality silver of our demands and design.

jewelry The company believes in the future, and therefore we are marketing our products at the Internet.

by experienced smithspendants

silver jewelry silver bracelets
   Here is an example  of all bracelets in the shop. We must admit that silver bracelets together with liquid silver necklaces dominate our shop.

In ancient times, bracelets were open at both ends and wound around the wrist or upper arm. The tips were adorned with feathers or round ornaments.

Today the modern design is much more simpler. What will happen in the forthcoming years? Debbies Silver Jewelry preferes the clean design without charms that sometimes can be a burden.


Debbies Silver Jewelry purchases directly from craftsmen in Mexico.To sit down and talk with the producers about new exquisite silver jewelry such as bracelets, pendants, necklaces means a lot to us.

silver necklaces

We design several of the silver products, especially necklaces and pendants. Debbies Silver Jewelry is situated in Sweden in a medieval town called Visby, a World Heritage Site.
       Welcome to buy jewelry online !


silver necklaces exquisite
Liquid silver

jewelry   We buy right away from craftsmen up in the moutains of Mexico.

silver necklaces   We get lower costs without going through several middle-men.

bracelets We guarantee the silver content via SWEDAC from the 'Swedish National Testing and Research Institute', that has done tests on our purchases. For jewelry known as 925, the samples show 95%-96% ± 2-units content of silver.

silver necklaces by experienced smiths

Whether buying for yourself or as a gift for a loved person, all our silver necklaces, bracelets or other jewelry are of good quality.

online silver necklaces silver

Debbies Silver Jewelry provides you with exclusive and elegant silver bracelets to a reasonable cost. Nice models for the party or the weekday.


Surprice your wife with an exquisite silver bracelet
or a
silver necklace at her birthday.

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Important: We only sell Sterling silver jewelry 925 from Mexico. Avoid jewelry marked C925.

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